Diet reset

Once I hit my target weight last year, I decided on a "danger weight" that would let me know if I was starting to get out of control. Since then I've allowed myself to cheat semi-regularly with what I eat, but the good news is that I've become really skilled at maintaining, since I can always balance out a cheat day with an extra healthy day. The bad news is when I go on vacation, I tend to let myself go, which is OK, except for the fact that when vacation is over, I just go back to maintaining. This means that over the past year, each vacation has made my weight slowly creep up, and I recently hit my "danger weight". I don't think anyone but me can notice the extra pounds, but I see them on the scale, so it's time to do something about it. It's no mystery what I need to do - I just have to cut out the cheats for an extended period of time (good bye, ice cream)! The rest of my diet remains pretty healthy, and I don't seem to have a problem keeping up with my walking exercise. Of course, it can be tough not to cheat, since I'm definitely an emotional eater, but this "diet reset" has officially started (a couple days ago), and I'm on my way back to my 2009 weight (and now that I've announced it here, there's no turning back)!