Bubbly for the baby

Another new little guy has joined my circle of friends, since yesterday Jonathan & Anne-Marie brought Baby Isaac in the world! The timing worked out perfectly for my pal Matt and I to head to the hospital right after work, so we got to meet him just an hour or so after his birth. I was surprised to see him opening his eyes so much, since this is only the third time I've made a baby hospital visit (and Emiliano and Sicilia kept their eyes clamped shut). It was Matt's first time to see a baby this young, and it was fun watching him get so excited (I felt like an old pro). Anne-Marie was doing wonderfully and definitely has a new mother glow, and Jonathan did a great job at his first important fatherly task: passing out cigars! The three of us old men had a great time enjoying our smokes outside, along with an excellent bottle of champagne, which didn't last long! Isaac is going to be a cool kid with parents that will make his friends jealous, that's for sure! I'm looking forward to watching him grow up, and I'm glad I met him on "day one"!

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