Words with Friends (and family)

My number one iOS game that I've been playing lately is Words With Friends, which is essentially Scrabble that has been cleverly designed as a kind of "correspondence" game. While you play, your opponent doesn't have to be online (each move is just stored on a server), so it's incredibly convenient to check in on a game every now and then and casually make your next play. The game is available for iPhone (which is nice to play waiting in line somewhere) as well as for iPad (with a beautiful full-screen board), and I use both versions to keep up with my nemeses! Dad and I have become completely hooked on the game, continually playing one match after another, and it's amazing how evenly matched we are, since most of our scores end up just a few points apart. Dad has won the most games, but I've been on a roll lately, which is interesting since in real life I've always been a lousy Scrabble player! Dad comes up with some incredible words (and holds our record for the largest single score play), and it's funny how one of us always manages to get the word "qi" (Chinese life energy) on the board! I've also had some close matches with my pal Melinda (who introduced me to the game), and it's been so much fun to play and use another form of online communication, since there's a chat feature built into the game also (which Dad uses all the time to give me updates on Mom's casino winnings and other important news!).

While I'm talking about iOS, I should officially mention that I'm a lucky owner of the new iPhone 4! I somehow got my pre-order placed on the first day just before the cutoff (after attempting over and over from 4:00 AM until after 8:00 PM!), and my package was in the batch delivered the day prior to official launch day, so I didn't have to deal with any swamped activation problems. It's been an incredible pleasure to use, primarily because the battery lasts more than the five minutes I was suffering with on my old 3G. I love the speed, folder organization, multitasking (though I keep forgetting to take advantage of it), the awesome camera, the super-sharp display, and the size and feel is wonderful. I'll admit I'm a little spooked by using an all glass phone, so I might have to try some cases even though I've always been an advocate of going naked, since Apple makes such beautiful devices!