Three Small Things 6.16.10

Last week I reached a kind of "decluttering Nirvana" by actually donating unused storage containers to Goodwill! A couple years ago, the early stages of my decluttering efforts were mostly about organization, which involved making lots of trips to the Container Store and buying cool plastic containers of all shapes and sizes whenever I saw the need. I love buying those kind of things, so it was a lot of fun getting them and loading them up back in those days. But this year's decluttering theme has been reduction, which means I've gotten rid of so many things that I ended up completely emptying tons of containers, which have just been sitting in my garage unused. Now that I'm pretty sure I will never let my clutter grow to the point that I would ever need them, it was time to give them away (I kept just a few of my favorite style container just in case, mainly because I had a lots of shelf room). I think the Goodwill guys were a little surprised to see someone bring in just containers!

I solved a little mystery the other day about some color fading on my bath towel that had been occurring periodically for a long time. I used to think I was doing something wrong in the wash, like using the wrong temperature (since I don't really pay attention to that) or putting my towel in the same load with colors that were rubbing off, but no matter how I adjusted things, the fading would keep appearing. I finally realized the discoloration was happening where I wiped my mouth after brushing my teeth! Practically every toothpaste on the market these days includes "whitening", meaning there's a little peroxide mixed in. I was being lazy with how I was rinsing my mouth, so I was essentially wiping peroxide on my towel, which acted like bleach. Thankfully I pretty much use the same towel and just keep washing it, so I only have one really ugly "bleached" towel, and now I know I need to thoroughly rinse my mouth in the sink!

After suffering along with millions of other frustrated customers, I'm happy to say that I was actually able to place a successful pre-order for the new iPhone 4! I'm sure my saga was no different than tons of other folks: I got up at 4:00 AM to start trying, realized the Apple Store and AT&T servers were totally dying, and just kept attempting to get through all day in every spare moment, thinking the situation had to clear up eventually. I really can't believe how bad it was (pretty ridiculous), but I'm glad that I finally lucked out and actually completed my order in the evening, and apparently only moments before Apple sold out of the release date units!