Three-day weekend of fun

The long Memorial Day weekend was totally fantastic for me, since it was full of fun events with my wonderful friends! After enjoying The Red Balloon on Saturday, Sunday's highlight was Matt & Kumiko's Japanese kids lunch of cute and yummy foods that little ones enjoy in Japan. Last year Kumiko created a similar lunch just because I thought it would be cool, and this year the honoree was her student Stephanie (who just graduated high school and is moving away to college soon). The food was beautiful and delicious, topped off with Matt's huge parfait dessert! On Sunday the guys came over for TV and dinner as usual, and we stayed up a little later and drank all of the booze that Matt brought.

Monday was a very special day, because Baby Sicilia La Cava was born! Chris & Eliza's second child (making me a double fake uncle) decided she couldn't wait to come out into the world, so she arrived a few days ahead of schedule. The timing was great so I could get to the hospital just a few hours after the birth, and it was incredible to hold her (she's now only the second baby in the world I have ever held!). Of course she's cute and I'm looking forward to watching her grow up and terrorize Emiliano. Congratulations to Chris & Eliza!

On Monday evening, Barron & Mariko had a Memorial Day dinner at their house with awesome drinks (mohitos) and food, including the best Jamaican jerk pork I've ever tasted (and I ate a lot of it)! As always it was fun to play with Bay and Koa and watch them ride their skateboard, show off their LEGO sets, discuss the details of Harry Potter, and create cool original artwork. It was a great way to end a wonderful holiday weekend!

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