Star Wars in Concert : 5 of 5

From the moment that Star Wars in Concert was announced last year, I've been hoping for a chance to see it, and last night the show finally came to Austin so I could go with my pals Matt & Kumiko! By coincidence, this turned out to be the 100th performance of this traveling spectacular, which was an evening of sheer joy for this Star Wars fan. We arrived early to check out the excellent display of original costumes and props, which made the time pass quickly before the show. As soon as the lights dimmed, the Erwin Center was filled with the sound of the THX promo, followed by the orchestra playing a flawless version of the 20th Century Fox fanfare! Of course, the Star Wars Main Title music was next, set to a brilliant montage of clips from all six films on the huge movie screen. The stage constantly made use of lighting changes in various colors, huge panels that "extended" the screen with star fields and other images, and even lasers that shot complex green light in perfect time with the music! Anthony Daniels (who played C-3PO in all six films) provided fantastic narration between music segments, totally hamming it up with an exciting retelling of the major themes of the Star Wars saga. When the screen wasn't showing movie clips, it displayed perfect views of Anthony Daniels and the musicians themselves, thanks to some amazing high quality cameras (including one on a remote control arm that could sweep across the orchestra). Although the narration roughly covered the story in order, the video segments were a bit more general, combining things like droids, aliens, or even asteroid chase scenes from all of the movies. Everything was expertly edited, with just a few choice lines of dialogue and sound effects left in to keep the audience excited (it was great to hear lots of people reciting the lines along with me!). The music itself was absolutely perfect, right down to the use of steel drum in Cantina Band, and the orchestra even included a choir for the vocal sections on pieces like Duel of the Fates. The entire performance was simply amazing, so the audience's applause demanded an encore, which was provided with a final rendition of the Imperial March. Star Wars in Concert is a one of kind experience that every Star Wars fan should see, celebrating both George Lucas' saga that we all love, as well as the terrific John Williams music that we hum every day!

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