Star Trek: The Key Collection / Vol 5 : 3 of 5

Star Trek: The Key Collection, Vol. 5I'm always impressed with how these vintage Gold Key comics capture the feel of the Star Trek Original Series, no matter how silly the storylines get! This volume collects eight more issues that were published from 1975-1977, and by now the artwork is fairly consistent in character design (although Scotty's shirt keeps changing color). Almost no time is spent aboard the Enterprise (which means bridge crew like Uhura are totally absent) so the plots can focus on crazy planets, including Earth! One of the stories features a sight-seeing tour that includes "futuristic" things like Mount Rushmore crowded in with buildings and the Statue of Liberty no longer on an island since the harbor has been filled in by land. Dr. McCoy's daughter Barbara appears in two stories, working as a xenozoologist and helping out the Enterprise crew (of course, Captain Kirk takes the opportunity to flirt with her!). There's actually some pretty interesting interaction between Barbara and her dad, since she's bitter that he chose a Federation medical career on the Enterprise over staying home to raise her. One of the stand-out stories (and supposedly sought after by comic book collectors) is World Against Time, in which adults age backwards and turn into babies, including Spock and Scotty, who end up as kids in oversize uniforms talking baby-talk! There's also a typical time travel plot where the bad guy hides a bomb in another time period, causing Scotty to travel to the Old West (actually, Scotty gets to to do a lot in this volume!) and Kirk to be a part of a Hollywood movie crew! I'm looking forward to the next volume of this series, so I hope the publisher works through their delay problems soon.