Netflix One-Liners 6.09

Tokyo!: I really enjoyed two of the three short, quirky films in this collection by different directors, all set in the title city, especially the story of the brave hikikomori stepping out to make contact with a cute pizza delivery girl.
MacHEADS: I was really excited to see this new documentary available for streaming, but it was a little disappointing because of its focus on hippies and lack of cool Macintosh history, interspersed with horrible animation.
RoboCop: My boys night pals and I watched this 1987 sci-fi classic (which I could barely remember) on iTunes (but I’m including it in this Netflix list anyway), and I totally loved the awesome directing style and hilarious future commercials!
Star Trek III / The Search for Spock: Netflix recently added lots of Star Trek films to their streaming selection, so I re-watched several, starting with this not-so-great story of Spock’s resurrection, featuring the goofiest computer displays you’ve ever seen and Doc Brown as a Klingon.
Star Trek IV / The Voyage Home: The Star Trek “even/odd” pattern is certainly true, since this next film is wonderful in spite of the incredibly cheesy plot, which sends the Enterprise back in time to capture some humpback whales to save the Earth!
Star Trek / First Contact: Although the Next Generation films aren’t that cool in general, I like this one because of the Zephram Cochrane (who invents the first warp engine) storyline and creepy Borg queen.
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex / The Laughing Man: Although I’ve watched the entire anime more than once, I thought it would be fun to watch the whole story re-edited into a long movie, but the re-dubbing (for no apparent reason) really bothered me (the editing choices were kind of cool, though).
Godzilla vs Destoroyah: Netflix added a few class kaiju films to their streaming selection, and sometimes I’m just in the mood where nothing but Godzilla will do, so I enjoyed seeing one of the better Heisei era movies again!
Beavis & Butt-Head / The Mike Judge Collection: Netflix has recently added a few cartoon series that are great to watch when I have a few moments to spare, and it's fun to see these original MTV cartoon shorts no matter how crazy they are (poor Mr. Anderson!).
Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends / Season 1: Lately I've been into watching a couple episodes of Rocky & Bullwinkle before I go to bed, and I had almost forgotten how funny they are, the charming style of the cheap animation, and of course the awesome voice work, featuring Paul Frees!