Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kacho Fugetsu / Mobekimasu! : 3 of 5

Along with the special Shuffle Date concert, Hello! Project also held a standard winter concert so all of the groups could perform their latest releases. The event title comes from the first katakana character of each group (Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Mano Erina, and S/mileage), and although I like the unique energy of the shuffle units, it's much more fun to see the girls singing and dancing in their usual configurations, since they are all more comfortable and having fun together! The concert opens with all of the Hello! Project members (along with the Eggs) performing a few songs together, wearing cool gold and red outfits (the lack of group differentiation makes it hard to pick out your favorites, though!), and it's fun to see everyone doing dance moves from a song that may not be their own. After the opening, everyone sits on the bleachers and watches each group perform, starting with S/mileage, who does a great job (I'm usually not into the super-young units, but they are pretty polished for their age!). C-ute is up next, and just as I was hoping they would sing Tokaikko Junjou (by far my favorite C-ute song), they performed it, and it sounds great with C-ute's five member line-up. I really enjoyed Berryz Koubou's Happy! Stand Up, which is better live than on their CD, and of course Morning Musume was awesome, sporting their Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai outfits. Gaki-san reminded me once again that she is probably the best stage performer with her incredible energy (Sayumi needed to let herself go a little more, since she seemed somewhat reserved), and it was great to hear them sing Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan, since that song came out soon after my Morning Musume obsession began. All of the groups come together again for what can only be called a rapid-fire medley (with very little transition between song choruses), and eventually the concert ends with a nice finale. Although there were no real stand-out moments that make me want to watch this show again right away, overall this was a fun, high energy concert that I had a great time experiencing!