Favorite faces

One thing that's really nice about having all of my photos in iPhoto (including every digital photo I’ve ever shot, as well as all of the family photos that I've scanned) is being able to browse through them and mark the ones I really like. I’ve been spending a few minutes each day looking through a few, then using iPhoto's ratings so I can easily gather the best ones into a Smart Album. I've been syncing this album to all my devices (iPhone, iPad and Apple TV) so I always have these great images with me on the go, on my TV, or just generally in my face! Speaking of faces, since I took the time to tag everyone’s face in my whole photo collection, I love the way my iPhone and iPad allow me to browse through my pictures by face, so I can instantly see my favorite photos of my Mom or Dad, for example. Photos are so much fun, and I love being able to experience them all the time!

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