Three Small Things 5.18.10

Now that all of my photo scanning is done, it's fun being able to enjoy old pictures that I haven't seen in a long time. I recently uploaded a few images to Flickr of fun birthday and Christmas gifts, and I love the sheer spoiled happiness of my Christmas 1978 toy haul! I still love to buy and collect toys, but as an adult I just pose them for photos and display them in my Toy Museum, when as a child I would actually sit on the floor and have adventures with my action figures, space ships, and playsets. I kind of wish I could still play with my toys like this today! What is that happens when we grow up that prevents us from playing? I guess that's just life, but wouldn't it be fun to make up new action figure stories and do all the voices like we did as kids? I guess that kind of creativity just evolves into other qualities as we get older. At least nothing can stop my love of toys and my enjoyment of buying more of them!

View photos: Great Gifts

While I was writing about pipe smoking recently, I decided to get serious about finding a new inexpensive Savinelli, and I discovered a great site called Smokingpipes.com with a huge selection. I love the detailed information about each pipe (with details like bowl measurements in millimeters!), and it was easy to narrow my search to the cheaper models. I found a cool Dublin shape and snatched it up, and now I'm going through the long process of breaking it in (which involves careful use until a protective layer of "cake" forms in the bowl so the briar itself doesn't actually burn). I haven't had to do this in years, so I'm trying to be patient and enjoy this arcane skill.

I discovered that an old photo of my PEZ collection is being used on another site called Collectors Quest in an article about PEZ (compare the article and my original photo). I'm glad they discovered my collection and I don't mind them using the image, so it's all cool with me! Of course, if they wanted to send me one of those rare Bullwinkle dispensers in appreciation, I wouldn't turn it down!