Still walking, still observing

Even though my company moved to new offices a few months ago, I've managed to keep up with my walking habit for exercise and relaxation. I really enjoyed my old walking route near the former office building, but I had to find a new place where I could get in my roughly 3,000 steps twice a day. Since our building is part of a larger complex with a shared parking lot, I decided at first that I would just wind around the lot until I found something better, but since I've been too lazy to discover other possibilities (and because I don't feel like crossing a semi-busy street), this new route has totally stuck. Now I have a specific way of circling the buildings that keeps me out of the way of entrances (where cars come in fast from the street) and gives me exactly the number of steps I want. Of course it's a little more boring than my old route, but I've found that when you experience the same thing over and over that an infinite amount of detail is revealed just by observing. I've been recognizing certain cars and where they usually park, and I know there's a lady who likes to sit outside and read during her lunch hour. One of the trees has a Buddha-shaped bird house hanging from it, and since most of the other buildings are doctor's offices, there's a kind old medical supply salesman who always says hello to me. I've also noticed (and been appalled by) the number of people who sit in idling cars while they're waiting on something (often for 30 minutes!), which is just crazy to me. Sometimes I get some strange reactions from people who see me walk by the same spot over and over (some guys putting advertisements on car windshields joked that I should be doing their job), but I've definitely grown comfortable with this walking route, and once I get used to something, it's tough for me to change. I still really enjoy the exercise (especially since the weather is getting hotter) and the time to think, both of which are far more important than the scenery anyway!