Star Trek: Klingons / Blood Will Tell : 4 of 5

Star Trek: Klingons - Blood Will Tell (Graphic Novel)It seems like the possibilities for Star Trek comics are endless, but my favorites are always the stories that tie-in with classic original series episodes. This is another book I got for Christmas, which collects a wonderful series of issues that retell the story of several Enterprise adventures from the Klingon point of view! The whole thing is nicely presented as a member of the Klingon High Council relates these events to his granddaughter (as a wonderful mini-prequel to the movie Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country), and begins with the essential Errand of Mercy, covering the origin of the Organian Peace Treaty (and showing scenes such as the Klingons' mass murder of citizens that could never make it on TV). Next is The Trouble With Tribbles, and the Klingon side of the story is far more fascinating that you would think, since it involves the painful transformation of the Klingon spy (beginning with gruesome surgery, learning to eat human food, and even how to talk softer). The moment where the Tribble's reaction reveals the spy is comedic on TV, but in this context it becomes a devastating failure of this poor guy's life mission! The retelling of A Private Little War has some bonus Mugato battle action, and Day of the Dove contains the events before the Klingons are brought on board the Enterprise, but neither really adds a tremendous amount of insight (though they are still fun to read!). The artwork, featuring lots of Klingon architecture and cool computer displays, is simple but wonderful, really capturing the look of both Enterprise crew and famous Klingons without being photo-realistic. This book also includes the first part of the story retold completely in the Klingon language (in case you are a hopeless geek scholar!), as well as a written script that includes lots of interesting details intended to help the artists (which also pointed out things I didn't notice earlier, like a panel that includes Dr. Phlox from the Enterprise series). There are many more Star Trek comic collections waiting for me to experience, and now I feel like I need to watch a few of the Star Trek movies again!