Proud of my dad

Sometimes on Memorial Day I'm so happy about enjoying a lazy day off that I forget what today is all about, but yesterday in church I spent some time thinking about the people who have served our country and are honored on this holiday. I've always been proud to say that Dad served in the Air Force, and I love talking with Dad about his fascinating life. As a navigator, he flew countless hours on radar aircraft including the Warning Star (the Constellation or "Connie") and AWACS, and served all over the world in places like Germany, Iceland, and even Vietnam. His adventures led him to meet astronaut Charlie Duke (who walked on the moon) and even Elvis in Paris! The Air Force even brought Dad to Waco to meet my mom, which of course is why I'm here writing this today. Dad retired as a Lieutenant Colonel and enjoys retirement benefits that make me jealous, and I know through all the ups and downs that he's loved his career. During all of my recent photo scanning I found a few great photos of Dad (most of them taken while away to send home to Mom or Grandma) in his Air Force gear, looking like the hero he is, and I really treasure these images. It takes so many people to do the work of our country, and I'm immensely proud to be the son of an Air Force officer, my incredible dad!

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