One picture per wall

This morning I finished another decluttering task that I've been working on for a few weeks! In my quest for a more minimalist home, I decided to make a rule for myself that each wall (or virtual wall area) only contain one piece of hanging artwork. I used to have several things hung in groupings, but my OCD used to hate seeing them slightly out of alignment with each other, which is a problem that just can't happen if you're only looking at a single framed item! This rule may seem a little silly, but I found that it helped me redecorate my walls so they look more tasteful and of course, decluttered and clean. After spending a long time imagining where I would want things to go, I've moved and re-hung nearly every single picture in my condo! This process allowed me to redistribute things, so now there are actually more areas with artwork than before (rather than fewer walls with bunches of artwork), and I was even able to theme things. For example, everything in my living area is now Disneyland theme park related, and my 1964 Disneyland map is out of the kitchen and next to my favorite chair where it belongs! There were a few items that I decided to remove from frames and keep in souvenir boxes, as well as some pieces that I moved to my office (and just hung this morning), but generally I'm surprised at how everything has a new place. The result definitely looks better to me and keeps my mind at ease!