Music Moments 5.10

Berryz Koubou / 6th Otakebi Album: Being a huge Morning Musume fan, I can't help but also listen to the other fun Hello! Project groups, and I've really grown to like Berryz Koubou over the past few years, especially since they are all growing up to have such great voices (as well as amazing looks!). This album is almost totally filled with single releases, and I've really enjoyed their recent style, especially on cooler, more driving songs like Dakishimete Dakishimete and Seishun Bus Guide. This CD definitely had some staying power in my car, and it's easy to listen to over and over again!

C-ute / Shocking 5: The other major Hello! Project group I listen to sometimes is C-ute, and this 5th album effort is pretty good (but certainly not as cool as the latest CDs from Morning Musume and Berryz Koubou). Their recent singles are collected here (which have been a little too peppy for my taste), along with some excellent album songs that really surprised me (I absolutely love Aa Koi), but I always have to remember to skip the terrible remix of Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu (yuck!).

AKB48 / Kamikyokutachi: This is AKB48's second greatest hits album, and I'm pretty amazed at the number of amazing hits on this 16 track CD! Every recent big-seller single is here (including their number one hit River), recent stuff like the themes to Majisuka Gakuen (including Sakura no Shiori which can easily make me cry!), plus lots of great songs that I hear all the time when I watch their concerts. I actually think the sound quality of this album is a little lacking in the bass department, but with a tracklist like this one, I don't really mind!

Aya Kamaki / Individual Emotion: I discovered Aya Kamaki years ago when I started expanding my Jpop horizons, and I've really enjoyed her music videos and songs whenever I hear them (and usually make sure to give them a high rating when they pop-up on my iPhone). Although it's kind of dated, I tend to think of her as a Jpop Pat Benetar, since her songs have a solid pop rock feel, and her somewhat low voice is full of power! This latest album is actually a 2-CD set with tons of fantastic songs, including the cool theme from one of the latest Kamen Rider series (which has some totally awesome guitar work), and it's a great collection of tunes altogether.

MC Frontalot / Secrets from the Future: I used some iTunes gift money to check out another album by MC Frontalot (who I have been into since buying his Nerdcore Rising CD), and although this one is a little less consistently awesome, it's still pretty fantastic! The stand-out hilarious track is I Hate Your Blog, but I love the feel of Bizarro Genius Baby and the title track as well. The beats are definitely kickin', but I wish the lyrics were just a touch funnier (I'm definitely going to buy more of his stuff soon!).