Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny / Vol 7 & Vol 8 : 3 of 5

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny, Vol. 8I've been so distracted with Ghost in the Shell lately that I've neglected Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny since December, but I was able to remember enough to get right back into these two DVDs. The conflict still continues between the Earth Forces (and their Orb allies) and Zaft, while Kira and Cagali (along with the Archangel crew) try to stop the fighting. A lot of the plot focuses on Stella (part of the Phantom Pain "enhanced" group working for Neo), who Shinn loves and feels he must protect, even to the point of stealing her from the infirmary and returning her to Neo! Unfortunately, Neo puts her right back in the pilot's seat of a new huge (kaiju-sized) Gundam called the Destroy, and Shinn must fight the very girl he just risked his neck to save. The Destroy is definitely devastating, wiping out whole cities (including Berlin), so this battle is really exceptional, and even culminates in the revelation that Neo looks like just Mu La Flaga (from the previous series) under his mask! There's a huge cliffhanger as Shinn and Kira take on each other in combat, so I'm looking forward to the next DVD to see what happens next! Vol 7 devotes one episode to flashbacks from the previous series, but I didn't mind the rehash at all, and Vol 8 contains a few good speeches about humanity's need to protect something. Although I'm still not totally crazy about this Gundam series, it's tons of fun to watch, and I love seeing what new kinds of mecha will appear (such as the interesting AWACS Gundam, complete with huge radar disk on its back!) as well as hearing the cool theme music (although I'm already ready for them to switch the ending credits song, which is just too folky for me). Hopefully I'll review the next DVDs in this series before five months pass again!

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