iPad bliss

I finally gave in and joined the other one million iPad owners, and I've been having a fantastic time with my new device! I waited a long time for Amazon to offer them, but they still don't have them for sale directly (either due to supply problems or Kindle competition), so I ordered from Apple after making sure my local Apple Store was definitely out. The shipping wait was excruciating, because although Apple shipped it out fast from China, UPS let it sit in Hong Kong for three days! Finally it arrived and I was synced up and running in minutes.

The iPad experience is so smooth and fast that it's making me re-evaluate what I use my MacBook and iPhone for around the house! I mentioned before that I knew I didn't actually need an iPad, but it's fun figuring out how to work it into my online routine. The first thing I realized is that since Safari on the iPad is so perfect and the screen real estate is so large, many of the "front-end" apps that I use on the iPhone are unnecessary. For example, I update Backpack multiple times a day, using Satchel on the iPhone since accessing via the web requires too much zooming, but on the iPad, the website is completely useable as is! With my Safari bookmarks synced via MobileMe, I can use my iPad for almost all of my "let me check that" browsing needs.

I'm loving the iPad for reading things like short news articles (via the USA Today or New York Times apps), Wikipedia entries (I've been using Wikipanion to dig deep into Ghost in the Shell details while I watch the anime), and of course, comic books! Being able to see an entire, readable comic book page is so cool, and Marvel was really smart to offer several Iron Man issues for free to go along with the movie! Another of my justifications for getting an iPad was Japanese study, and I've definitely been enjoying looking up vocabulary, kanji, and even listening to JLPT exam material. (My favorite dictionary app Kotoba only runs in zoom mode for now, but I'm hoping the developer releases a full-size version soon!) Finally, although I don't plan on playing a lot of iPad games, I had a blast trying out several that Dad introduced to me, and I'm having a great time playing Words with Friends with my pal Melinda and Dad as well (I can access my current games with them via my iPad or my iPhone!).