Hello! Project 2010 Winter Kacho Fugetsu / Shuffle Date : 3 of 5

This first combined Hello! Project concert event of the year showcases the many special shuffle units that were formed a couple years ago, making this a unique performance with only a couple full ensemble songs. The rest of the show allows each unit to perform by themselves, typically singing one new song and one classic song (from the original incarnation of the unit), while the rest of the Hello! Project girls sit on the sidelines (who are kind of fun to watch since they sing along and do the various hand motions). This format loses some of the excitement for me, but I still completely enjoyed the concert! In fact, it was incredibly nice to hear some live singing, since lately I've been watching so many AKB48 concerts that are almost totally lip-synced. This show is really an explosion of color when it comes to costumes (a little too garish for me), but the lighting is excellent and makes everyone's skin tone look beautiful. Now on to the units! Lin Lin's talent is totally wasted in Shin Minimoni, but at least she's cute to watch. I was impressed by how cool Aa's songs are (especially their recent one), and realized once again that Buono is totally great (I love their pop-punk style!). Zoku Biyuuden (my favorite unit with Sayumi, Jun Jun and Risako) was smokin' hot in this show (although I think they had more cute energy going in last year's concert performance), and it was great to see them sing Koisuru Angel Heart (one of the original Biyuuden's awesome songs)! Speaking of Sayumi, I was so excited to see her (along with Reina) get to sing Def Diva's Suki Sugite Baka Mitai, since she's such a natural to take over Rika's old parts (and they both have similarly "challenged" voices). I also need to mention Risa's "woo" ad-libbing during ZYX's song, which was truly fantastic and surprisingly strong! Everyone sings Renai Revolution 21 together for the final number, looking completely cute in their matching T-shirts and shorts (one of my favorite outfits of the concert, since it's so simple and stylish), bringing an end to a great show. Although I feel like something was missing overall (I can't quite put my finger on it, but somehow I just wasn't blown away), this is still a wonderful concert and a great way to see the Hello! Project girls expand their horizons!