Three Small Things 4.22.10

Today I have three "finishes" to share, starting with last night's 100% completion of Walk It Out on my Wii! This has been one of the most addictive (and physically demanding) games I've ever played, and I really enjoyed every moment. Now I've unlocked every route, building, song, zodiac constellation, and Magical Clock hour in existence (nearly 4,000 items), and I'm going to miss it. I'm hoping that Konami has a sequel coming out soon (and they should, based on the amazing response and activity on Facebook and Amazon discussion boards). Here are my final impressive totals: I played Walk It Out for 67 hours and made 546,551 steps! Based on my height/weight data, that is supposed to equate to 164 miles of walking, which burned 16,319 calories. Next week I'm jumping back into EA Sports Active after a couple days of Wii rest!

Next, I recently finished my photo scanning project, emptying every bulky album in my house and getting every last image into iPhoto! I took my empty albums to Goodwill, and all my physical photos (which are still precious, of course) are safely stored in a single box. I still have plenty of organization to do in iPhoto, but that's a lot of fun since I get to discover old images that I haven't seen in years, such as my shopping mall Santa Claus visits, or even the very first photos I ever took myself, shot with a small black and white Polaroid when I was nine years old! As I organize things, I'll periodically upload a few things to Flickr for posterity (and additional backup, although everything is safe with Time Machine and Mozy).

View photos: Visiting Santa
View photos: First Photos 1976-78

Finally, I knocked out another kanji course on Smart.fm that I've been picking away at since November, focusing on the Heisig Remembering the Kanji method. In general this style of learning really helps me, although I wish there was an easy reference for his memory words for each radical, but I think I get a little more from just plowing through Read The Kanji, since I'm able to study vocabulary and learn kanji combinations at the same time. No matter what I choose, I definitely need to pick up the pace this summer since the JLPT in December is going to get here sooner than I think!