Three Small Things 4.08.10

Where's my iPad? Although I currently have four Apple CPUs (iMac, Mac Book, Apple TV, and iPhone) constantly churning at all times, I'm still going to buy one in the near future. The frugal side of me knows that I truthfully don't need one, since there's hardly a moment when my iPhone or Mac Book isn't in my hands, but the fanboy side of me has to get one just because it's cool (and since Dad got one on release day, I'm too jealous)! My compromise is to wait until the iPad is available on Amazon, since I can save the tax and earn triple points on my Visa (which is kind of like a $15 buck bonus), so now I keep checking every day to see if they have gone on sale. Until then, I've been thinking up justifications for my purchase! I definitely want to read comic books on the iPad, and I think it will be much better for quick browsing and email checking while I'm watching TV (but then I wonder if my Mac Book will feel neglected). I also think it will be great as my Japanese dictionary (I'm sure a cool iPad version of Kotoba has got to be on the way), which means my iPhone will be used a little less around the house (which is fine since my battery is pretty weak after two years of use). Dear Amazon, please hurry up and take my money!

Welcome to WEBmikey, Sayumi fans from Finland! I recently noticed that my site was getting a lot of search hits from Google's Finland site, all looking for Sayumi Michishige's blog. I have no idea why, but my recent post about her seems to be drawing a lot of traffic from that country. I certainly don't mind pointing my fellow fans towards the cutest member of Morning Musume!

Speaking of WEBmikey, this is a warning that there's going to be some big changes soon that may or may not affect your reading experience. WEBmikey has been powered by Blogger since around 2001 (and now has over 3,500 posts!), using their FTP support to transfer the site files to my own host provider. Blogger is finally killing FTP support at the beginning of May, so I have to bite the bullet and switch over to Blogger's dynamic hosting (which is actually Google). All of this is free, and hopefully URLs and feeds will stay the same, but it's still going to be a change (not my favorite thing!). In the worst case, I may have a bunch of broken images (which I will correct one by one since I'm a perfectionist), but on the plus side, WEBmikey will finally get a visual redesign that I've been too lazy to do (actually, thanks to Blogger's new Template Designer, I will be able to refresh it anytime I want). It's going to take me forever to decide how I want things to look and so on, but at least it will be easier to tweak on Blogger's hosting platform, and I'll have many new features available to me that I haven't been able to use before. I may take the plunge this weekend, so watch out!