Super simple

You're looking at the new WEBmikey, and the switch from Blogger's FTP publishing (which is going away in a few weeks) to their dynamic hosting (using my custom domain) was almost totally painless! Although there was a lot of talk about their migration tool, I decided to just follow their advanced setup instructions and do it on my own, and I'm amazed at how it worked out (thanks to their ingenious "missing files" feature that kept my images from breaking). The only thing that wasn't instant was setting up my DNS information, since my hosting provider had to handle that for me, but their technical support was pretty quick and suddenly it was done.

WEBmikey has been around since at least 1999 (maybe earlier, I don't know the exact date) and has had many designs, starting out first as static pages that I built with Dreamweaver, before I even knew what the term "blog" meant! After I signed up with Blogger, I converted it into a series of interconnected blogs (since I wanted something like tags/labels that Blogger didn't support at the time), and later merged it all together into one big blog like it is today. So essentially there have been three major designs, starting out crazy and getting simpler each time. When I was building my own HTML, I couldn't use a ton of cool features that Blogger rolled out over the years, but now that I'm fully-converted I can.

For WEBmikey 4.0, I've decided that I want to use Blogger's widgets and templates as much as possible, and stay the heck out of the HTML and CSS (I have to mess with that junk all day at work anyway!). I can use their Template Designer to churn out a nice, uncluttered design, along with widgets for things like Twitter and Flickr (rather than pasting in code snippets). I have the freedom now to tweak things here and there and see instant changes (without the hassle of re-publishing), so maybe I'll wiggle things around every now and then. The only element that I know I would like to change often is the header image. This first header (which I spent about five seconds on) features a cute Tachikoma, since I've been re-obsessed with Ghost in the Shell lately. Anyway, I think I'll be happy with this new super simple look.