Single-task scanning

A few weeks ago I finally completed one of my big organization projects, and now every single digital photo I've taken (almost 30,000 of them) lives in iPhoto, completely using the Faces and Places features (so I can quickly see all the pictures of my parents, or every photo taken in Los Angeles, for example). It was a big task, but I worked on it a little everyday and now it's done! Since my photos are probably the most important files I have, I decided I should have an off-site backup (in addition to my full Time Machine backup), so I got a Mozy account and backed up everything with their service (of course, it took over a week to transfer over 30 GBs, but now it keeps up incrementally), so I feel pretty safe!

My photo album scanning project is really moving along (and definitely adding to my iPhoto library), and I've completed eight full albums so far. The experience of seeing all these photos again has been almost surreal, since sometimes it doesn't even feel like I lived the events! I love the fact that all of the photos from these albums can be nicely rubber-banded and stored in a single box, taking up only a fraction of the space those bulky albums required. I've put some of my other projects on hold so I can "single-task" and finish up the scanning. I often think that single-tasking is the most efficient way to get something done, yet I still try to switch gears too much (maybe to appease my attention span). Decluttering always helps me discover things about myself and life in general, as long as I'm focused and attentive. I can't wait to make another Goodwill run with all of these empty photo albums when I'm finished!