Remembering Frances

Last week Frances Farmer, one of my Waco-area family members, passed away. Frances was my Mom's cousin (so she was my first cousin once removed) and I only saw her around Thanksgiving time, but I know she was a wonderful person who spent every day of her life with a positive attitude, trying to make the world a better place. She was 84 years old, but her mind was incredibly sharp. She could always talk up a storm, and one of her hobbies was writing little poems, which she could recite by memory! I have no idea how many poems she wrote (maybe hundreds), but it was amazing how she could make everyone laugh with them. During last Thanksgiving I was playing with the Voice Memo app on my iPhone and recorded Frances reciting three short poems. These aren't necessarily her best, but I'm so happy that I captured even these three examples of her humor, and I'm happy to share them with the web so her voice can live on. When I'm 84 years old, I'll feel incredibly lucky if I'm as energetic and witty and Frances was, and I'm proud to have such special people in my family.

Play She Thought She Could Fly
Play Carpal Tunnel
Play 911