Netflix One-Liners 4.10

Whatever Works: Since I've missed the last several Woody Allen films at the theater, I was happy to see this movie with Larry David (playing the Woody-ish character) available for streaming, and I really enjoyed this crazy story of a bitter eccentric who meets a hillbilly runaway and falls in love.
Deconstructing Harry: I had totally forgotten what a great movie this is, since I saw it so long ago in a little cramped theater in Washington DC (and my friend didn't like the movie), but I felt like watching more Woody Allen and laughed all night at this awesome writer's fantasy world (which includes a Star Wars bar mitzvah scene)!
Defending Your Life: I actually saw a clip from this movie in church (and added it to my Netflix queue right there from my iPhone), which is a wonderful, funny, and interesting take on the afterlife starring Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep who fall in love in Judgement City.
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: Created on a tiny budget for internet distribution, this musical dark comedy is unbelievably fantastic, starring Neil Patrick Harris singing some incredibly catchy pop tunes that made me wish this production was longer (or had a sequel!).
Moon: Since this is my favorite science fiction film recently, I had to watch it again the moment it became available on Netflix, and I enjoyed it just as much as when I saw it in the theater (I even appreciated the effects and soundtrack more, I think).
Outland: Continuing with science fiction, I decided to watch this Sean Connery movie again since I hadn't seen it in so long, and I had forgotten just how much of a Western it is (complete with swinging saloon doors) even though it takes place on one of Jupiter's moons!
Maid Droid: Netflix keeps recommending these low-budget, semi-racy Japanese short films, so I only watched this one since it was streamable, and it was just as bad as I expected, so I wouldn't recommend it even if you have a maid fetish!
Watchmen / Under the Hood: Since my Watchmen Director's Cut Blu-ray didn't have a couple of features that are only available on the Ultimate Cut, it was great to be able to check this out on Netflix, although this particular fake TV interview show with Nite Owl turned out to be a little boring.
Watchmen / Tales of the Black Freighter: It was really cool to be able to see this fully animated segment, taken from the "comic within a comic" of Watchmen, which had some pretty decent animation and great voice work, although it's pretty gory!
Thirtysomething / Season One : I'm slowing working my way through this series, because I was so totally hooked on it when it was on the air, and it's been pretty nostalgic watching Michael and Hope deal with all their problems again.