Mego 8" Super-Heroes / World's Greatest Toys : 4 of 5

Mego 8" Super-Heroes: World's Greatest Toys!Just like millions of other kids my age, some of my favorite toys when I was growing up were Mego's classic 8-inch action figures, and I was completely hooked on three of their major lines: Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, and of course, the DC and Marvel characters! This incredible book (another Christmas gift from Santa) covers the World's Greatest Super-Heroes line of toys in amazing detail with close-up photos of every figure, accessory, and even packaging variation that kept me mesmerized in a nostalgic stupor for days. Most of the information is aimed at the obsessive Mego collector who wants to own each figure in every possible box and card, but even though the in-depth checklists aren't something I care about, the information was amazing (such as the fact that a Green Goblin figure on a rare packaging card can go for $10,000!). I was fascinated by the brief history of the Mego toy company and their frugal practice of re-using molds (Spider-Man's foe The Lizard used the same head as Star Trek's Gorn) and other pieces (The Falcon's hands were sometimes actually Planet of the Apes hairy hands!), right up to the sad end of the company, primarily because they didn't get the license to make Star Wars toys that catapulted Kenner to the top of the business. I loved seeing the many old Christmas catalog photos of the Mego playsets like the Batcave or vehicles like the cool Jokermobile (which for some reason I remember playing with, but not owning), as well as the evolution of Mego's design process that went from Batman's silly "oven mitt" gloves to Iron Man's cool molded plastic gloves. I also learned that the Teen Titans (that I really loved to play with) were pretty much the end of the line and a total flop in sales! If you're a Mego collector, there's no doubt that this beautiful hardcover volume is absolutely essential, but even if you're just a nostalgic toy lover like me, you'll completely enjoy this book!