Manga Mentions 4.10

Nana, Vol. 7 (v. 7)Nana Vol 7: Way back when I first discovered Nana in Shojo Beat magazine, they decided to stop carrying the series at this point because the plot gets a little racy, so it's nice to finally surpass what I already remembered about the story! After Hachi breaks up with Takumi (or so she thinks), she immediately jumps into Nobu's arms, but most of this volume is just couples smoking in bed, talking about relationships (but still interesting to me!).

Honey & Clover Vol 2: The volume contains the obligatory hot springs trip that occurs in every manga series, where everyone gets drunk and reveals their true feelings, but in Honey & Clover this cliche introduces the classic scene where Mayama gives a touching piggyback ride to the drunk Yamada, who cries on his shoulder about her love for him that he can never return. There's also further character development for Takemoto (with his stepdad) and Hagu, plus a crazy birthday party.

Black Jack Vol 4: Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack is so damn cool that sometimes I think I should drop everything else I'm reading and just plow through it! This volume has some good Pinoko stories (writing love letters to Black Jack, working as his assistant, and even a hilarious episode where she is filled with gas that has to come out somehow!), an appearance by Tezuka's Mustachio character as a famous pickpocket, plus a wild story about a skin transplant from a Yakuza (tattooed, of course) for a young boy.

Black Jack Vol 5: This volume has a lot less Pinoko, but makes up for it with a few stories about Black Jack's nemesis Kiriko (who specializes in euthanasia). Black Jack travels around quite a bit this time, performing lots of super gross operations that Tezuka loves to illustrate in gut-wrenching detail. There are so many more volumes of Black Jack to go - I've got to keep reading!

Sailor Moon Scout Guide / Sailor Mars: I'm not actively searching for these out of print Scout Guides, but I'm glad this Sailor Mars volume showed up at my door thanks to PaperBack Swap! I really enjoyed all the stills from the anime, and got a kick out of the inconsistent translation that keeps switching between the Japanese character names and their English equivalents, as well as the goofy poetry that loves to praise Mars' red high heels!