Hardware Wars : 2 of 5

Back in 1978, it was simply amazing to us young Star Wars fans that someone actually made a spoof of our favorite movie, and I remember we all thought Hardware Wars was hilarious! I don't remember how we actually saw it (they probably ran it at the theater before Star Wars, so I would have seen it on one of my many, many viewings with my childhood pals), but this little gem wouldn't get much further than YouTube today. I happened to notice there was a DVD of it available on Netflix, and I had a nostalgic time watching this 13-minute fake trailer with adult eyes. I still enjoyed the flying irons and toasters, the drill and flashlight weapons, the Cookie Monster Chewbacca, and even the super-cheesy acting. I was shocked to recognize the famous Paul Frees (incredible voice actor who narrated many Disneyland attractions, including the Haunted Mansion) doing the goofy voice-over, and I haven't a clue how this no-budget project got him to do it! Unfortunately, it's tough to fill a DVD with a 13-minute film, so there are lots of of supposed "extras" that all turned out to be total junk. Most of them are just the same film with a different audio track, like a "foreign version" that has a bunch of people pretending to speak Russian or something. Even the director's commentary, which could have been interesting if it was taken seriously, is just one big joke that bored me to tears (it's amazing how long 13-minutes can seem when you can't wait for something to be over!). Hardware Wars is still a fun spoof (especially if you have hazy memories of seeing it as a kid), but just watch it online and don't rent (or heaven forbid, buy) this DVD!