Family Guy / Something Something Something Dark Side : 3 of 5

Family Guy Presents: Something Something Something Dark SideI've been a Family Guy fan for years now (I've watched and re-watched every episode several times), and I really enjoyed their special Blue Harvest spoof of the original Star Wars film. This time around they take on The Empire Strikes Back in an hour long special, which seems to only be available on DVD (I was waiting to catch it on Adult Swim, but I guess that's not going to happen). The best part about this parody is the true love of Star Wars that shines through every detail, since there are hundreds of shot-for-shot recreations with precise camera angles, musical cues, and authentic sounds, all of which are a blast to watch (even the DVD menus are nearly an exact duplicate of the trilogy DVD releases!). It's fun to see which Family Guy characters play each Star Wars character - Meg as the space slug was hilarious, and using the giant chicken as Boba Fett is ingenious! I think my favorite gag was the Empire recruiting video (just because I like that genre of spoof comedy), and I also enjoyed the Cookie Monster Wampa and Luke calling OnStar after crashing his Snowspeeder. There are some good inside jokes for Family Guy fans, like the AT-AT holding its hurt knee just like Peter's famous scene. The DVD includes a way to watch the show with "Fact Ups" which display semi-interesting trivia (the best fact is that creator Seth MacFarlane does 25 different character voices!), plus a commentary track which degrades to the creators drinking tequila and only commenting on the presentation every now and then. There's also a full table-read included, which is interesting since it's fun to watch the voice actors do their characters, but the single camera angle is too far away to enjoy it. Even though the bonus features are kind of worthless, I still loved watching Something Something Something Dark Side and laughed through the whole thing, so I'm definitely looking forward to their upcoming version of Return of the Jedi!