Drumming for Insomnia

Since last weekend I've been performing in the band for Crank Collective's show Insomnia, which is playing at the Hideout Theater for the next two weeks. I had a great time drumming with the band in Epidemic of Fear last year, so I was excited to be asked to work on this musical as well. The story is a about a drug that keeps you awake all the time so you can be more productive and get more out of life, which makes for a really funny story as people using the drug start to go crazy! The rehearsals were a little insane until we got everything in the songs ironed out, but last Saturday's show was perfect and lots of fun (and the great audience seemed to think so, too)! The band plays backstage so the audience can't see us (and we can't even see the play, so it's more like a radio drama to us!), but if you come see the show just remember we're back there making the music happen!