Disney on Ice / Worlds of Fantasy : 3 of 5

Even though Disney on Ice is never quite as polished as a performance at the Disney parks, I can never resist seeing the latest show when it comes to Austin, so my pal Melinda and I had to check out Worlds of Fantasy, which includes scenes from Cars, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and the direct-to-DVD Tinker Bell movie. The event was held at the fairly new Cedar Park Center, which is super convenient for location and parking, but the smaller size of the arena (and the somewhat under-powered sound system) made me miss the good old Erwin Center a little. The show started with Mickey and Minnie, of course, but Mickey's voice was a little off, so this could be the first time I've heard a non-Wayne Allwine voice. The Cars segment was much cooler than I expected, since I wasn't sure what it would be like, but the sheer size of 5-6 vehicles driving around on the ice was impressive! The Little Mermaid was a nice condensed version of the story, and Ariel had a really expressive face. Under the Sea was the best song of the night with tons of sea creatures, bubbles from the ceiling, and a giant sea horse puppet! The Lion King was really well-done, with interesting make-up that looked quite a bit like Cats. I was surprised that they reenacted the wildebeest stampede, but the use of unique costumes that represented three animals per performer really created an interesting effect! The second half of the show was devoted to Tinker Bell, and I really enjoyed it! They used a track system and rigging to fly a few characters (including Tinker Bell herself during the finale), and even had cute inflatable flowers bursting from the edges of the ice rink as the fairies brought the season of Spring to the world. There were a few skating slips, but nothing too distracting, and of course the tons of kids in the audience seemed to enjoy the whole thing. It's nice to see a great Disney show right here in town, but it really makes me want to visit a Disney park again soon!