Weekend of culture and not-so-cultured

My weekends are either relaxing or completely packed, and this last one was definitely busy! On Friday, I played a fun show with The Greatest American Heroes at the Carousel Lounge, and we had a great crowd and made it through some of our newer material (such as the infamous Good Times/Bob Newhart/Alice medley) with fewer mistakes than usual! On Saturday night, I went to see the Austin Symphony with Matt, and then Sunday was the busiest of all. After church, I had my annual tax appointment with my accountant, then grabbed some quick lunch just in time to make it to a Japanese dance recital with Matt & Kumiko. The performances were really interesting and the little girl dances were super cute, but the best part was seeing Kumiko's friend Midori fully transformed as she did her dance. It was truly beautiful and amazing! Finally, Sunday evening ended with a combo birthday party for my pals Chris and Jonathan, and we all had dinner at the Clay Pit (Indian food is one of the few cuisines that I don't touch, but I was full from lunch so my martini was enough for me!). It was lots of fun talking with everyone and playing with my fake-nephew Emiliano (who says "Mikey" really well now!), but the highlight of the party was my crazy birthday present for Chris! His favorite comedy sitcom is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (I like it, too), and he loves the episode where they design a product called a Dick Towel. Of course, someone really makes it now, so I had to buy one for Chris, and it was hilarious watching everyone try it on!

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