Walk It Out / Nintendo Wii : 5 of 5

A couple weeks ago I had never heard of this game, until Dad pointed it out to me for a special Amazon price, so I thought I would order it and give it a try, Little did I know that I would soon spend literally hours walking in place in front of my TV, absolutely captivated by one of the most addictive games ever! My favorite game genres are rhythm (like Dance Dance Revolution), fitness, and puzzle, so it's absolutely amazing that Walk It Out incorporates all three. The game play is very simple, since your goal is just to walk around Rhythm Island and help it come to life. As you walk (which can be detected by the Wii using the nunchuk, the DDR dance pad, or even the Wii Balance Board) you collect chips by stepping in time with whatever song is playing (and there are over 100 songs with varying tempos to keep things interesting!). All around the island are floating capsules that each have a price, and when you have enough chips you can click on them to unlock something as simple as a palm tree, streetlight, or fire hydrant, or as complex as a cafe, apartment building, or a lighthouse! When you begin the game, the island is almost completely bare, except for thousands of these capsules (and there are literally over 3,000 of them to unlock!), but as you keep playing, the landscape really starts to change, and you begin to realize "Hey, all of these trees are here because I walked 80 steps for each one!" It's a total thrill to see the island grow up around you, and thinking about what I can unlock next really makes me want to come back and play again and again (sometimes multiple times a day, for over an hour at a time)! I could go on and on about the cool surprises in the game, since there are sections of the island you can only reach after unlocking bridges, and it's so nice to see the different environments like the beach, shopping area, and even the ranch with grazing cows. The game also happens in real time, so when you play in the morning you can watch the sunrise, and at night the sky is full of stars! The walking itself is low-impact and doesn't really make me sweat, but I guarantee that marching in place for over 10,000 steps burns more calories than sitting on my butt watching cartoons. I'm committed to continue Walk It Out until I unlock every single thing, but now I have to find time to keep up with my other fitness games!