Such a rebel

As much as I love being disciplined, sticking to a routine, and always working toward my goals, sometimes I just unexpectedly shut down. After months and months of always waking up on time, this week I woke up and decided to be rebellious, so I slept in. The next morning I felt the same way, and I slept in again! While this is perfectly normal (and I'm sure my body needed the sleep), it feels weird for me to start neglecting things like blogging and studying and reading, so life starts to seem strange. Along with this rebellious streak is my addiction to Walk It Out (a Wii game that I'll be reviewing soon), which makes me want to block out huge hunks of time (like an hour and a half or more) to play it! I don't really know why my routine hit a speed bump, but it might have to do with having a busy week (by my standards). I love looking at my calendar and seeing a few nights that are totally free, and this week is completely full, which probably freaked me out a bit. But anyway, I know I'll be back on track soon - I can kind of feel the way I want my life to be pulling me back like a magnet. I just have to forgive myself for goofing off, enjoy the rest (since I've made the decision to waste time, I might as well enjoy it rather than feeling bad about it), and look ahead to tomorrow! Speaking of tomorrow, I'm going to clear my calendar so I can have a super-productive Friday night!