Morning Musume / 10 MY ME : 5 of 5

The only thing more exciting than a new Morning Musume single release is a full-length CD release, and their 10th album 10 MY ME (the title is a Japanese pun meaning "tenth") is no exception! Since I've really enjoyed all of their recent singles lately, I've been looking forward to listening to them all together along with several completely new tunes, which really seem to blend well with the previous material. I may still be caught up in the newness of this CD, but I think this album has more fantastic songs that I really want to hear again and again than any previous release since I've been a fan! There are tracks featuring the girls of each generation of joining Morning Musume, so Ai-chan and Risa (5th generation) get a lovely duet together, although something even more emotional would have highlighted their voices better. Sayumi, Reina and Eri (6th generation) sing Ookii Hitomi, and I absolutely love the drive of this song (it even makes me imagine the choreography) and the lyrics are great. Poor Sayumi has to suffer with being auto-tuned for most of her solo lines, but she still sounds cute underneath all those effects! Unfortunately, Aika, Jun Jun and Lin Lin (8th generation) get the worst song on the album - Osaka Umainen is ridiculous and hard to listen to, which is a shame since I think Lin Lin has a star voice just waiting to be showcased. My favorite song for the whole group is Namidacchi, which I have to admit really sounds like an AKB48 tune, but I think the combination of semi-ballad and rock guitar (not to mention the unexpected rap) is fantastic! Speaking of ballads, Loving You Forever is another wonderful song with a great melody line and heartwarming lyrics that I could listen to over and over. Even Genki Pikappika, which has the kind of title that makes you think it will be one of those annoyingly over the top songs, has a musically mature melody that makes it fun to sing. Although I loved Platinum 9 Disc, which really seemed to be the beginning of a new sound for the group, I think 10 MY ME definitely establishes a new feel for Morning Musume that I really enjoy, and I can't wait to see where they take it from here!