Another thrilling decluttering update

All of my decluttering, reducing and reorganizing projects for 2010 are going strong! It may be a little wacky, but I absolutely love working a little on these every day and watching things improve. Here's another semi-boring update that's probably only interesting to me!

I've finished this year's garage reduction, which I think is about the third time I've gone through it completely! I reduced everything by about 50% yet again, which means I have plenty of surplus storage containers. Last time my strategy was to save "one of each thing" (like one old S-video cable, for example), and this year I realized I'm never going to use even that one thing, so it's gone! There were also a few souvenirs that were just taking up space, so I photographed or scanned them and got rid of them, and I'm finally comic book free as well! (Of course, I love comic books, but I'm not into hoarding them anymore.)

My digital projects are going well, too. I've scanned three photo albums worth of prints (and now I can get rid of the albums to make more closet space), and I'm about half finished with my cassette importing (and I'm tossing each old cassette as soon as I have it in iTunes and backed up on my iDisk). I'm almost totally finished with the big iPhoto organization (with face and place tagging), since I only have a few events in 2009 to complete! I've been working on this every day for so long, so it's awesome to see it coming to an end (and soon I'm going to do a giant off-site backup!).

My next project (since I know you are wondering) is to reduce and move around all of my wall hangings. I want to take a minimalist stance and focus on only one hanging per wall (right now I have several "groupings" that I think are cluttered, and they easily get out of alignment with each other, which bugs me), so I've been planning where I want to move things. Some of the surplus will go to my new office (and a few things are already hanging there now), and I've already taken a few framed things that weren't really meaningful to Goodwill. Decluttering is so much fun!