Transformers / Revenge of the Fallen : 3 of 5

Although the first Transformers movie definitely had its faults, it still had the initial awe of the CGI effects going for it. Now that the honeymoon is over, Michael Bay tries to keep things interesting, but all he knows how to do is add more explosions and cheesy cliches, turning this sequel into somewhat of a farce. There are still a few good things going for this film, though. Of course, the special effects are still cool - I love seeing the Autobots transform in mid-action, and I thought using Soundwave as a spy satellite was a nice touch. Bumblebee is still a great character, and Optimus Prime's voice will always be awesome. I also enjoyed some of the locations like the Air & Space Museum and the Egyptian pyramids. The general plot about the Fallen (kind of the original Decepticon) and the resurrection of Megatron isn't too bad, but it certainly doesn't stand up to the punishment of battle after battle that should have been cut. Not only is Michael Bay a terrible editor, but I just can't believe the stereotypical characters he gets away with (and that the general public seems to accept!). I don't care how red-blooded you are - Megan Fox is just too ridiculously slutty to be believable, just like all the other "normal" college kids in the movie (plus I got sick of the high contrast style that makes everyone look like they have a perpetual thin layer of sweat). This stupidity extends to the Autobots, especially the new "urban" twins that constantly spout the worst dialogue ever. With all that said, I still made it through this 2.5 hour saga and ended up entertained at the end. I'd enjoy this movie much more if it was just marketed as a parody, but the fact that Michael Bay (and his fans) think this is good filmmaking just irks me!


  1. Transformers #1 was complete garbage, so much so I vowed never to even entertain viewing number #2. Shame on you for rating these abominations 4 of 5 and 3 of 5, respectively. They are raping my perfectly formed childhood memories. Poor Optimus! How would you like it if I gave Snow White or Princess Jasmin the same treatment? Death to Michael Bay!

  2. Let me just follow up by saying that I'm even more pissed that the first movie was totally garbage AND it had amazing CGI. That means he actually had the resources to make a good movie and he squandered it on explosion and animations of robots taking a leak instead of investing in a passable script. I'd like to remove and dine on his testicles while he watched. That would be the last thing he would see as he slowly bled to death. That's a fitting end to someone that revels in complete blasphemy like this.

  3. Thanks for sharing. :) Believe me, I'm not a Michael Bay fan. I just try to find the good points in otherwise crappy films. :)