Street Fighter / The Legend of Chun-Li : 2 of 5

I really have no idea why I rented this DVD, since I've barely played the Street Fighter video game, but I guess I was just in the mood for a bad movie, which is exactly what I got! It was kind of fun to see Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang from Smallville) play another role, and she definitely has her soap opera acting style down to a science. She's without a doubt the best thing about the movie and adds a bit of realism among a cast whose acting is so terrible that it goes far beyond camp. The guy who plays Nash, a tough cop who shows up in Bangkok to go after the bad guy Bison, is absolutely ridiculous (and the worst thing is that he's just as stupid during a real life interview)! The plot of the movie follows the origin story of Chun-Li (one of the most popular characters from the original game) and how she gets involved with the benevolent Order of the Web on her mission to rescue her kidnapped father from Bison. Along the way she learns some of the iconic fighting moves that she's known for in the world of pixels (such as the spinning bird and the cliched energy ball throw), and the movie does an OK version of keeping the feel of the character while updating her look (although the Chun-Li's usual hairstyle only appears in one extended scene). For a movie called Street Fighter, the fight scenes are actually too short in my opinion, making more time available to fill with melodrama or absolutely disgusting flashbacks, such as Bison's sacrificial ceremony to remove his conscience! There's not much else I can say about this movie, and I can't recommend it for anything other than an easy way to kill some time with mindless vegging.