Sayumi's new blog

Being a fan of Jpop idol groups like Morning Musume is so different than the usual fan experience, since the allure of the whole thing is feeling like you actually know and are even friends with the performers (and of course, this is entirely intentional!). Although I'm a fan of lots of people (like Disney animators, for example), I don't care what they had for breakfast or wonder if they're working too hard. Somehow with Morning Musume it's different! For this kind of fandom to thrive, everyday details are pure gold, which is why I've been so addicted to Sayumi Michishige's (my favorite member of Morning Musume) new blog! Sayumi has wanted to write a blog for a long time (she even mentioned it last year in the Anime Expo Q&A panel), but since their management controls their public life so closely, I guess it took a long time for them to approve it. Now that she finally has one, Sayumi has been blogging like mad (usually several long posts every day)! She writes about all the things you would expect a 20-year old girl to talk about (clothes, family, favorite fruits), but I totally love reading it! She takes pictures of herself with her cell phone (like the one shown here), sometimes without make-up and even in her pajamas, so it totally feels like you've got the inside scoop on her everyday life. There's nothing else I can read and think things like "Wow, Sayumi just ate out with her sister a couple hours ago!" or "Oh no, Sayumi ate too much cake on Jun Jun's birthday!" I can follow her Japanese for the most part, but thankfully two US fan sites have already started translating her posts (with great speed)! I know it's completely silly, but I can't help giggling with glee when she writes something new. I'm a happy Sayumi fan!

Visit site: Sayumi Michishige blog (Japanese)
Visit site: Hyakupa Subs (blog translation)
Visit site: Donmai! (blog translation)