Reducing leads to more reducing

One of the fun things about decluttering is that as I continue to reduce the things I've been hanging onto, I discover new projects I can do to reduce even more! As I was going through some stuff in the garage, I came across a bunch of old cassette tapes I had made of songs from my guitar playing days, as well as various band rehearsals and jams from a million years ago. I don't even own a tape player, so those tapes are just taking up space while the magnetic media slowly deteriorates! So, I bought a cheap player (that I will eventually give away) and a USB sound adapter so I can rip all of those memories into my computer. Of course it will take a while, but it's going to be fun and embarrassing to hear that stuff again, and then I can toss the tapes after everything is backed up. Similarly, I've decided to scan lots of "flat stuff" that I've been holding onto, like souvenirs and some greeting cards. I don't mind keeping a few precious paper memories, but I will definitely be tossing a good portion of it after it's safely captured digitally. I want to do the same thing with photos that I have in albums, and then store the photos in compact boxes rather than bulky albums that I never look at! I guarantee that when all of these things are available to me on my computer, I will enjoy them a million times more, and more often! So I'm pretty excited about the cassette project and the scanning project, which will keep me busy for months to come.

Other progress I've made recently includes storing my CDs (that I'm only keeping as emergency backup) on spindles so they take up very little space. I'm almost ashamed to say I have about 600 CDs, but I'm never buying another physical CD again (not counting Jpop!). I've moved almost all of my dust-catcher collectibles into the Toy Museum, and I'm very happy to see many more clean, flat surfaces visible around the house. I also just started cataloging the remains of my comic book collection so I can trade them for store credit at a comic shop (if I'm lucky). I would much rather read paperback sets of comic sagas than worry about individual issues. Finally, I found a few more items to give away, including my iron, which is a fantastic example of the silliness of saving something to use "someday". I haven't touched that iron in at least 10 years, but all the time it has been sitting in my closet waiting for "someday", someone else could have been getting good use out of it! Hopefully now they will.