Netflix One-Liners 2.10

Year One: Jack Black and the cast of Superbad star in this caveman movie that turned out to be a lot like Mel Brooks' History of the World (but not nearly as funny), so I'm really glad I missed this one in the theater!
Alien Nation: This is an excellent science fiction crime drama with James Caan and Mandy Patinkin (almost totally unrecognizable in make-up) that combines aliens with a hard-boiled cop plot (although getting drunk from spoiled milk is kind of dumb).
The Ramen Girl: I had this movie in my queue before I had even heard of the loss of Brittany Murphy, and it's a cute (if a little silly) story about a girl kind of stranded in Japan who decides to learn to be a Ramen chef with the same feel as The Karate Kid.
Louis CK / Chewed Up: My pal Chris introduced me to this absolutely hilarious comedian who does the best stand-up routine that I've seen in years, especially his jokes about overeating (which are so funny because they're true!).
Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters & Marvels: This is a cool two-part interview of Stan Lee (creator of Spider-Man and just about every other Marvel superhero) by Kevin Smith, who does a great job as a true fan asking interesting questions and enjoying Stan's colorful answers.
Saturday Night Live / Adam Sandler: Although it can get a little old watching the same characters over and over, I kind of like the old Adam Sandler (especially Operaman) before he started making a hundred feel-good movies a year.
Saturday Night Live / Chris Farley: It was fun to spend some time "in a van down by the river" with Chris Farley, but I was kind of bummed than several of the exact same sketches from the Adam Sandler collection were included (which is cheating!).
Godzilla / Final Wars: I couldn't resist watching the last Godzilla feature film again when it showed up on Watch Instantly, and while it was really fun, I was definitely reminded of its flaws (it should have been so much better!).
Somewhere in Time: One of the best time travel romance stories ever with an incredibly beautiful Jane Seymour and a somewhat campy Christopher Reeve, I was so happy to see this was available on Watch Instantly since I hadn't watched it in years!
Planet of the Apes: I just had to watch the best Apes movie again (I couldn't help it), and I'm not ashamed to say I loved it as usual, and it always manages to somehow stay fresh for me (this time I enjoyed noticing that costume details really match my Planet of the Apes toy collection)!