Music Moments 2.10

The Princess and the Frog / Original Soundtrack: I was glad when I found out that Disney's return to hand-drawn animation would be a musical, and even though it would have been nice to hear some new Alan Menken songs, Randy Newman did a surprisingly great job. This was the first CD I bought with my iTunes birthday money from my pal Melinda, and listening to it really makes me want to see the movie again! I love Tiana's voice on Almost There and the fun swinging feel of When We're Human (Louis the gator is great), but my favorite is definitely Ray's love ballad Evangeline, since he completely steals the movie for me!

Weezer / Red Album: I'm sure I've listened to Weezer's famous Blue Album a million times, but never considered checking out any of their newer stuff until I heard Pork and Beans on DDR Hottest Part 3 (see, video game marketing really works!). Weezer is quite a bit different on this album, but there are still a few standout tracks that really have their signature sound and attitude, especially Pork and Beans and Dreamin'. They also get musically creative with a couple long tunes (5-6 minutes each), as well as lyrically nostalgic on Heart Songs, which lovingly looks back at cheesy 80s songs as the soundtrack of life for our generation.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters / Original Soundtrack: From the moment I laughed my ass off in the theater during the opening snack bar scene, I knew I had to get this CD someday (even though most of the tunes aren't really my style)! Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife (the crazy "don't talk during the movie" song) makes the whole album worth it, but I also love Master Shake's hilarious Nude Love. There are a few songs with lyrics about characters like Meatwad and Carl, as well as four hidden tracks!

mc chris / Part Six: Even though his raunchy lyrics are somewhat out of character for me, I'm totally a fan of mc chris' awesome nerdcore sound, so I finally got around to buying this album (which was actually released in parts as three CDs). mc chris will always be known for Fett's Vette (his amazing rap about Boba Fett and his car payments), so this time he continues the trend with IG-88's 57 Chevy, Zuckuss' Prius, and Dengar's Dumptruck, all of which are packed with detailed Star Wars references. He even has a Harry Potter track this time, as well as a touching love song about breaking up a long distance relationship because he doesn't know when his girlfriend farts (how sweet!).