A brief pause

I hate to even mention the tragic event that happened in Austin yesterday, but I feel like it would be insensitive to post a review of some dumb DVD without saying a word about it. The building was just across the street from my old condo, so it's pretty shocking when something like this hits close to home (even if it's a former home). I only watched the news over lunch yesterday, but that was enough to depress me for the rest of the day, simply because I love life and I'm saddened by anything that is "anti-life". My prayers are with everyone affected by this event, but I'm emotionally moving on today, since ultimately my responsibility comes down to living the best life I can regardless of tragedy in this world. I'm going to get through my company's chaotic office move today and enjoy this weekend! Tomorrow WEBmikey will be back to the usual geek/Jpop/Disney/goofy subject matter!