Reducing begins

I've started my 2010 reducing/decluttering and it's a really good feeling! The first thing I committed to is trying to reduce "surface items" by one each day. For example, I use my toaster about once a month tops, so there's no need for it to be on my countertop all year long. Now it's tucked away in a cabinet, ready when I need it, and there's more open space on my counter (and open space makes me happy!). I'm also moving some collectibles into my Toy Museum (which is the one room that's an exception to all my minimalist goals), so my living area is transforming a little more each day.

I'm also going through my garage containers to lighten them as much as possible. I started with my college/writing box, which is full of journals that I want to keep, but each journal had tons of empty pages (I used to switch notebooks a lot). There was no need to store all that blank paper, so I tore and cut it all out (keeping the rest of the journal intact). I also organized all loose papers in that box and put them in labeled manila envelopes.

Last night I started on a deep reduction of my bookshelves, because even though I chopped them down quite a bit last time, they were still packed with stuff I will never look at again. I've made a huge pile of books to give away, and rather than taking them to Half Price Books and waiting an hour to make $2.00 (seriously!), I'm just going to donate them to Goodwill. Since there are so many, I'm going to fill a container and make daily drop-offs until they are gone. Now I get to organize my bookshelves into genres even better than before, and I have tons of room for the inevitable new purchases!