New dance pad, old games

One of my birthday gifts from my parents this year is the latest version of RedOctane's Ignition Dance Pad, which can plug into just about any game console you want, including the Wii and PS2. It's been way over a year since I even turned on my PS2 (in fact, I was considering getting rid of it this year), and I didn't even have a dance pad that would work with it, since all of my old ones had worn out and went in the garbage can. But now I have a single awesome dance pad that I can use with both machines, and I'm really surprised at how much I'm enjoying the old PS2 games! I love playing Endless Mode (I desperately wish the Wii games had this feature), and the older mixes have such great music!

Enjoying these older games made me think about my Dance Dance Revolution "career" (I've written about this before, but a brief recap won't hurt!). It all started in 2000 when I saw people playing in an arcade in Japan, soon followed by my first ever attempt at a mall arcade in Oklahoma City, which led to me buying the PS2 just so I could play at home. Soon after that I got a Japanese PSOne so I could buy import mixes (since the US releases were kind of appalling), and started trying different dance pads. I've probably owned five or six different RedOctane pads, including the latest Ignition that I'm using now. Over the years I've tried lots of DDR knock-off games, but nothing can match the feel of the real thing, so I always buy new editions of the game the moment Konami releases them!

It's kind of amazing to me that I've been playing DDR around 10 years, and although I sometimes take a break for a few weeks, I always return to it as a form of exercise and general fun. I like the nostalgic feeling I get when I play these PS2 games and hear old songs (I remember spending hours trying to pass Afronova, which I just cleared this morning with no trouble at all), and I'm looking forward to keeping up with new Wii games as well!