Morning Musume Yomiuri Land East Live 2009 : 3 of 5

It already seems like forever since the Platinum 9 Disco DVD was released, so I'm glad Morning Musume decided to release this minor concert to tide me over until the Nine Smile DVD comes out! This is a short but sweet event that was held last year in October to commemorate the release of the All Singles Coupling Collection, performed outdoors on a nice sunny day at Yomiuri Land amusement park. It's a unique concert, since all the girls wear cute trendy street clothes (cool baseball caps) and seem really casual and relaxed. Rather than starting off with a song like a normal show, they begin with 20 minutes of introductions and revealing the results of a survey for favorite coupling (B-side) songs. Yowamushi actually took 5th place, so Sayumi and Gaki-san (who sing that particular duet) go nuts and jump around! The concert itself is really fun, although the camera work isn't nearly as good as a typical Morning Musume DVD. It was a hot day, so the girls take a few water breaks and do some sweating! Gaki-san takes the award for "most into it", since she just tears it up with energetic singing and dancing. Sayumi looks cute as ever, plus her shirt keeps slipping off her shoulder which is a nice bonus! Along with several of the favorite coupling songs, Sexy Boy ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~ is included, which I loved not only because they seem to leave it out of their more recent shows, but also because that was the single that first drove me to "extreme" Morning Musume fandom. Along with the concert, there are three minutes of bonus footage showing things like rehearsal and a brief fan handshake event. Although I loved the DVD, overall I can't say it's a must buy, unless you are a devoted fan like me who always buys Morning Musume DVDs without hesitation!