More stuff out the door

I don't have much else to write about, so I guess I'll blab about decluttering progress a little more! I finished purging my book collection (which involved three trips to Goodwill), and picked up some metal bookends to keep things from falling over (since the shelves now have empty space that wasn't there before!). I really like the way it looks, and now I have shelves free to hold my Jpop DVDs and CDs, which I've decided I no longer want downstairs (since a bunch of media almost always looks cluttered no matter how you organize it).

Speaking of CDs, this is the year that I'm totally finished with them! For some reason I couldn't stop buying physical CDs, immediately ripping them and storing them, never to be seen again - that's definitely going to stop. I have a million caseless CDs now that I have to get rid of, which are next to impossible to sell since no one will resell a CD without the inserts, so I'm testing out Glyde, which is a pretty cool site that allows CD-only (no inserts) sales. It seems great, but I have a feeling no one is going to buy anything. I'm going to give it a month - if nothing sells, I'll look for another route to get rid of these coasters. (I could use SwapaCD, which works with PaperBack Swap, but I totally do not need a bunch of credits for more stuff, not even DVDs or books!)

I decluttered my Twitter a bit by unfollowing blog-only tweets (since I usually have already seen those blog posts in Google Reader), and I tightened up my toy shelves a little to get all my Planet of the Apes stuff in the same place. Today I'm dropping off a few bags of clothes as I strive for a minimal wardrobe!