Looking at LEGO

A few days ago I decided to use a cool website called Brickset to keep track of my growing LEGO collection, and I was kind of surprised that I already have 21 sets! I can still remember buying the Star Wars X-Wing on a whim, which was the beginning of my adult LEGO renaissance, and being amazed at the incredible design (especially the gears and rubber bands that allow the wings to change position). Of course, some of these sets are gifts from my pals and family, but I’ve done a nice job of collecting sets all by myself! Right now all of them are still assembled and on display in my Toy Museum, but eventually I’m going to have to take some apart and either store them or give them away. The first to go will be the Ferrari F430, which I only got since I wanted to build a car for the first time, and the Star Destroyer, which is the most flimsy set I own, regardless of its coolness. I’m always keeping my eye open for new sets (especially Star Wars vehicles), but I think this year I would love to get into LEGO Mindstorms. It’s an expensive investment, but the idea is that I would continually re-use the set to build new robotic projects, since there are so many plans on the web and in books ready to take on (I don’t really have the urge to create anything myself, but I love following directions). Hopefully I won’t go too LEGO crazy this year and eat up all of my museum shelf space!