Ikkicon goings-on

This weekend I started off the new year with a bang by going to Ikkicon, an anime convention right here in Austin! Matt & Kumiko went with me, and we met Kimberly (fellow manga/anime maniac) & Mark to enjoy the craziness together. The convention was a first for Matt & Kumiko, and I had a great time watching their reactions, plus it was fun to see Matt so excited about taking photos of all the costumes. (Check out his totally professional shots, much better than mine!) Speaking of cosplay, I was amazed at the ratio of costumed to non-costumed fans - it almost made plain-clothes fans like us seem out of place. There were fantastic costumes from so many genres (anime, manga, video games, and other animated films like 9, which were my favorite costumes of all), and since Kimberly is much more of an expert than I am, it was great having her around to tell us who all the characters were. I ended up buying a total of six Godzilla figures in the dealers room (I even haggled a tiny bit for a better price!), we checked out the lame Maid Cafe (pretty disappointing), watched the Ikki Idol competition (which would have been great with a little organization), and enjoyed the big cosplay competition, which was thankfully structured as a quick-moving fashion show. Though Ikkicon was nothing like A-Kon or Anime Expo, it was still tons of fun, especially since it's great seeing geeks like me of all ages reveling in their common obsessions and enjoying being all together!

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