Hanging PEZ on Elfa

Recently I've received a few questions about my PEZ display method, so here's a little more info to make things clear. I've been really happy with this idea, so I'm happy to share!

Racks: For as long as I've collected PEZ, I've used John Thompson's excellent PEZ display racks. I don't think he currently has a website, but please contact him by email for pricing. These racks are pre-drilled with holes for hanging, and they are quite easy to hang by themselves with two little nails (I used this method when I first started collecting). If you're OK with lining up lots of little nails on your wall, then you definitely don't need to read further. However, someday you might want to move some shelves around, which is why I decided to try another way to hang them.

Elfa: My solution was to use the Elfa system, but without Elfa shelves! Since Elfa is sold piece by piece, it's easy to buy or order just what you need from the Container Store. The minimum you will need is one horizontal hanging bar and two vertical uprights (I have several sets of these now, but I have a lot of PEZ!). The final piece of the puzzle is how to hang the PEZ racks on the Elfa uprights.

S-hooks: The answer is to get a package of S-hooks from any hardware store. I don't even know what these are normally used for, but they are basically just a little piece of metal bent in the shape of an "S". One end of the "S" goes into the slot on the Elfa upright, and the other end goes into the PEZ rack. I had to bend the hooks a little bit (to stretch out the "S"), but this was easy with pliers.

The advantage of this method is I can move whole racks of PEZ up and down the uprights to anywhere I want, which is great if you are reorganizing your collection. You can also space them far apart or really close to make more room. And since the Elfa uprights have perfectly aligned slots, you know your shelves are always level and perfectly aligned with each other! I've posted a couple photos on Flickr to help visualize this method. Have fun displaying your PEZ, everyone!

View photos: PEZ on Elfa